Expert in Forensic Toxicology/Educator and Public Speaker/Health and Wellness Expert
Live Fiercely through Passion, Purpose and Prowess

My whole life has been a myriad of learning and lessons. As a first generation child of Pakistani immigrants growing up in a small town, I experienced the difficulty of balancing two different cultures while keeping true to my roots. My siblings and I faced statements and words that we did not truly understand at the time but were put in situations of defense to protect ourselves and our family. My dad, a Cardiologist, built successful practices despite trying to be driven out of the area by those who did not believe “foreigners” should be allowed in town.  It was a confusing yet a happy childhood that based the foundation of who I am and who I would become as an adult. 

I wanted to become a medical doctor and enrolled in pre-med courses for my undergraduate education. However, the advent of changes in insurance coverage and the impacts on physicians changed my course to obtain a doctorate in Pharmacology/Toxicology. During the same time, I became certified in teaching fitness classes and becoming certified as a personal trainer. I was fascinated with the human body and the amazing things we can all do when we focus on strengthening our bodies through cardiovascular and muscular fitness. I had a passion for everything health and wellness that has stayed with me throughout my adult years. I eventually also became certified in nutrition because I learned quickly that the body is only as healthy as the mind which starts from the foods that we put within, and the actions we take to focus on mental, spiritual and physical wellness. 

Even with health/wellness as a top priority, I have had my share of difficult situations. I had two unexpected losses of loved ones within four months of each other—loss of one of my brothers and my father-in-law—both of whom I loved dearly. It was my brother’s passing that made me decide to build a career in Forensic Toxicology mainly because of the way his investigation was handled. I wanted to commit to improving the way death investigations were handled for family members and I have devoted my life to this cause as an expert in the field of forensic toxicology. I have also experienced the difficulties of divorce and being a full-time, working professional while being a single mom of three children. I have suffered traumatic injuries from different falls that have impacted my face on separate occasions. All these difficult moments in life could have derailed me and caused me to make unhealthy decisions; however, I took them as learning opportunities to become stronger and healthier than before. 

Both my professional and personal experiences have made me realize that we all have the power within to take charge of our lives through passion, purpose and prowess. This is why I have created Triple Tigress because it is triple the effort and focus on these three main factors which I have developed over the years as an expert in consulting, public speaking, and health/wellness. The tiger has always been a symbol of strength, courage and dignity and a “tigress” is the female empowered tiger that I am within. My goal is to help anyone live fiercely through passion, purpose and prowess through my services.