RubyJaved, Ph.D.
Expert/Consultant/Public Speaker/Educator/Scientist/Parent
My Motto:

Be a Tiger/Tigress
Live Fiercely
Passion, Purpose, and Prowess

My mission is to help both private and public groups lead more knowledgeable lives through my professional and personal expertise.  I am a Forensic Toxicologist by trade but have a unique background in health/wellness that was ignited by my passion to understand the human body. I am a “science geek” by all measures and seek to learn and share my life lessons with others that will motivate, inspire and educate.  

Triple Tigress Logo
Ruby Javed Professional Photo. Sitting with hands folded. Purple blouse, grey trousers.
Presenting to middle-school students and their parents about dangers of Fentanyl.
Boxing training on the sand at Manhattan Beach.